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This is Peak Organics, a UK leading brand for Quality, Lab Tested CBD products and support.

CBD Balms


CBD BALMS That Repair, Soothe, Relax and Sleep Assist, containing added Vitamins and Ingredients for Anti-Ageing as well.

best cbd balms ukCBD Balms UK

Peak Organics offer two outstanding CBD Balms UK that offer all the benefits of your regular product but with the added advantages of premium CBD properties.

From the limited studies conducted it is known that antioxidants in CBD reduce the visible signs of ageing, reduce inflammation and counteract free-radical damage to help with wrinkles, dullness in skin and uneven skin tones. CBD Balms can repair and revitalise your skin, other formulations may help with inflammation and other deep routed skin problems.

Peak Organics CBD Balms are a rich, soothing CBD cream formulated with nicotinamide (which is the watersoluble, active form of vitamin B3). This is an inhibitor of an enzyme which plays a significant role in DNA repair, maintenance of genomic stability and cellular response to injury including inflammation and apoptosis (cell death).

A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science looked at 50 women aged between 40-60. They were asked to apply a moisturiser with 5% nicotinamide for 12 weeks. The results showed significant improvements in hyperpigmentation spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

All of our CBD Balms are passionately created with Zero Animal testing, 100% Vegan Friendly & are 100% THC Free.

So which CBD Balm Should You Try?

Our Original CBD Balm contains a total of 50ml of product with 750mg of CBD. It is better used for small skin repair problems, daily regeneration and of course the added benefits of CBD inclusion.

Perfect for applying to the feet after a long day, the face if feeling tired and run down & other areas that would benefit from a soothing, CBD infused Skin Massage.

Contains Anti-Ageing properties, Vitamin B3 and a smooth, long lasting formula so you feel amazing hours after application.


Our High Strength Pain Relief CBD Balm contains a total of 50ml of product but double the amount of CBD - 1500mg.

Use on damaged, tired, sore muscles & joints for rapid fast acting relief. Perfect for post workout stiffness and aching limbs.

Can also be used as part of the evening wind down process to release soothing, relaxing waves to aid the sleep process.

Contains Anti-Ageing properties, Vitamin B3 and a smooth, long lasting formula so you feel amazing hours after application.

We recommend researching what CBD can do for your own personal problems before buying a CBD product. But when ready to do so make sure its a product of quality and not poor quality.

The biggest issue with CBD in the UK today is not many people know how to tell what is good and what is bad... Always check the following.

  • Is the product 3rd Party Lab Tested? Thus making sure you have a safe, reliable and effective CBD product..
  • Is the CBD a premium source? If poor quality CBD then you may see bad results and even bad side effects.
  • Is the CBD product priced right? Something that seems to good to be true often is... do not be fooled by crazy low pricing.
  • Background check the company / brand. Does the brand or company have history of good products / service ?


The good news is Peak Organics have all of the above and much more... if you have any questions our team are here to help.

Original CBD Balm 750mg
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Brand: Peak Organics Model: peak-origbalm
Best CBD Balm UK - 750mgLooking for the best CBD Balm UK in a 750mg (1.5%cbd) option? Look no further than Peak Organics Original CBD Balm.The perfect way to introduce CBD Balm to your skincare setup, the original Peak Organics CBD Balm.Repair and Restore problem areas with this CBD Or..
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Pain Relief CBD Balm 1500mg
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Brand: Peak Organics Model: peak-mentholbalm
Pain Relief CBD Balm UK - 1500mgA Premium Quality CBD Balm to assist with inflammation, pain relief & sleep assistance.Our High Strength CBD balm is infused with a hint of menthol to compliment the desired effects.This formula can be used on the face or body to reduce pain, swellin..
£17.99 £34.99
Ex Tax:£14.99
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