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CBD Oil for sex

CBD Oil For Sex - Peak Organics

Looking to improve your sex drive?

Healthy sex can create happiness and satisfaction in a relationship – but when the experience is no longer pleasurable, it can cause dissatisfaction.

For years, people have been talking about the physical and mental benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) – from alleviating stress and anxiety to offering pain relief and improving skin conditions. But did you know that CBD oil can also work wonders in the bedroom?

Many of our customers here at Peak Organics use CBD oil for sex – perhaps you could do the same? 

How CBD oil affects libido

Cannabidiol is a compound derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. It’s one of two of the most prevalent cannabinoids, the other being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has psychoactive properties.

Inside your body, you have tiny receptors that are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a complex cell-signalling system that regulates hormone health.

When you take CBD oil for sex, it binds to the receptors and sexual organs throughout the body and can help balance hormones.

Some people may feel anxious about underperforming in the bedroom, which instantly decreases their libido. However, CBD can ease stage fright and eradicate any mental blocks – ultimately increasing libido.

Another thing worth noting about CBD oil for sex is that it increases the body’s production of anandamide, which helps to release Oxytocin (the love hormone). The increased levels of Oxytocin have a positive effect on social interactions, including sexual encounters. 

The benefits of using CBD oil for sex

Aside from improving libido, there are many other reasons why CBD oil should have a place in your bedroom.

For example, CBD can help to:

  • reduce anxiety
  • improve erectile dysfunction
  • relieve pain
  • increase sex drive

Intimate moments require both partners to be relaxed and open with each other. If one person feels anxious, it can be highly uncomfortable and dissatisfying. However, taking CBD oil could help a couple to relax and make sex more enjoyable.

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that affects millions of men all over the world. A man who can’t get or maintain an erection may suffer from low self-esteem, but CBD oil for sex can improve ejaculatory function and sexual performance.

For those who struggle with dryness or find sex painful, adding a lubricant or using CBD oil can make a huge difference and ease the pain and discomfort.

CBD is thought to affect sexual desire directly in the brain. When it enters the body, it activates the part of the brain that controls sexual arousal – particularly helpful for those with a low sex drive. 

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