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CBD for Pets

CBD For Pets UK

Is it legal ? || Is it safe ?? || Vital information you need to know before thinking about CBD for Pets.

We believe in delivering honest, truthful information surrounding our products and CBD in General. Please read the important information below before buying ANY CBD product for pets.


There are currently no CBD products authorised in the UK for veterinary use, a veterinary surgeon may prescribe a legally obtained human CBD product under the provisions of the prescribing cascade.

Therefore it is illegal and improper for ANY reputable CBD brand to market or recommend a product aimed at your Pet. If a company is doing so, approach with caution.

We would advise consulting with your Vet, show them the product page & information you are considering purchasing and if possible take the product to the vet before giving to pets.

The vet would recommend how much to give the animal based on the size of the animal. They also recommend using THC free products as THC can have adverse effects on cats and dogs. Dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to THC and can suffer from what vets describe as “marijuana poisoning".


The internet is full of pages and groups created by pet owners who use CBD to help their pets. Stories of great results CBD has brought to pets is very common.

As we strictly follow all of the regulations of the VMD, the MHRA and the FSA, we are not allowed to recommend any specific products for pets.

As CBD becomes more and more mainstream this may change and we can give detailed advice but for now please always consult your vet first.


Peak Organics are not qualified Vets and therefore we cannot offer any advise or recommendation other than to speak with your vet before introducing CBD to your Pets.

We are fully aware that people give CBD for humans to pets all the time, but we must abide by the law and so our team cannot help anymore than the information above.


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