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Is CBD Legal in UK

Is CBD legal in the UK

Is CBD Legal in the UK ?

We are glad you asked because research has found the misconception that CBD is an illegal drug as one of the main reasons that prevents UK adults from trying it.

The Short answer is simple:  YES CBD IS 100% LEGAL IN THE UK and you should not be embarrassed of using it.

CBD is growing at a rapid pace in the UK, not only in terms of usage, but also in terms of public awareness.

With this has seen an up take of interest in CBD’s legal status, as well as how it could affect UK Adults employment, training etc.

CBD is not listed as a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Providing the product is produced from an EU-approved, industrial strain of hemp, CBD is completely legal for consumers to purchase and use in the UK. 

Is CBD regulated in the UK?

It most certainly is indeed. In addition to this, some CBD products will be more heavily regulated by laws that come into effect March 2021.

The goods news is that Peak Organics are already at the forefront of compliance and our products will be here long after the regulation deadline.

Okay so now you know what CBD is and its legal take a look at what's the difference in CBD products.

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