Cannabidiol (CBD) has a host of potential uses and a growing user base.

Something you’re probably curious about, though, is how this natural remedy works and the way it interacts with your body.

Here, the team at Peak Organics take a closer look at CBD oil and the factors that affect its effectiveness.


How soon can the effects of CBD oil be felt?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. This is made up of receptors and transmitters and is connected with our central and peripheral nervous systems, both of which are responsible for balancing and regulating bodily functions (homeostasis).

Some people feel the effects of CBD within a couple of hours – providing much-needed pain relief, alleviating anxiety symptoms and improving sleep. But this isn’t the case for everyone, and the reality is, it can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks for the compounds in CBD oil to take effect.


4 factors that impact the time it takes for CBD oil to work

  1. Your preferred method of consumption – believe it or not, how you take CBD oil can influence the time it takes for the CBD to get to work.

After vaping, the second fastest way to get CBD into your system is by taking it sublingually. You simply place a few drops beneath your tongue and hold it there for up to 60 seconds before swallowing it. When taken in this way, the CBD oil bypasses the digestive system and absorbs directly into the bloodstream, allowing you to feel the benefits within 15-20 minutes and lasting for 4-6 hours.

It’s important to note that mixing CBD oil with your food and drink will make it more palatable – which is ideal if the earthy taste isn’t for you. However, it will take significantly longer to get to work, and some of the CBD may be wasted as it passes through the digestive system.


  1. The dosage and potency of the product – the strength of your chosen product, and the amount you consume, will have an impact on the time it takes for CBD oil to take effect.

CBD oils come in various strengths, but our range includes 1500mg, 3000mg and 6000mg products. You can expect a more potent product to take effect faster than a lower strength CBD oil.

If you take CBD oil three times a day, you’re more likely to feel the effects than someone who only takes CBD once per day. Similarly, someone who has been taking CBD oil consistently will probably notice a significant improvement in their symptoms than someone who only uses it occasionally.


  1. The quality of the CBD – your CBD oil needs to be of the highest quality to ensure it’s safe for consumption.

Unfortunately, several unscrupulous sellers are supplying CBD oil. However, these products may contain toxic contaminants, such as pesticides, solvents and metals. These not only alter the taste of CBD oil but can also cause a health hazard for users.

Here at Peak Organics, all of our CBD oils are organically grown and lab-tested twice. That means we can assure you that every batch is safe and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) legal. You can relax knowing that the CBD will get to work effectively.


  1. Your metabolism – everyone is different, so the way CBD interacts with the body can vary from person to person.

If your metabolic rate is high, it will probably be able to process CBD faster than someone with a slower metabolism. This means that the higher your metabolism, the faster the CBD will reach your bloodstream and be ready for use.


How long will CBD stay in your system?

Whilst the above factors impact how long it takes for CBD oil to work, they can also determine how long the effects of CBD can be felt for.

On average, the therapeutic benefits of CBD can last 2-6 hours, depending on how you consume it and the way your body processes it.

Even when the effects can no longer be felt, the CBD can remain in your system for 2-5 days – allowing you to build up a base level that’s ready for whenever you need it.


Want to know more?

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